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Series on creating a sustainable garden from master gardener Susan Harris.

Sustainable gardening video series Creating a Sustainable Garden - Part 1

 is the essential reference for all gardeners committed to a natural, safe and healthy approach to gardening.

Our practical guides cover everything from soil management,recycling, water conservation and natural pest control. We include detailed techniques and inspiring images to help you create the perfect organic garden.

Organic gardening is an environmentally friendly , people friendly style of gardening. Organic Gardening methods can be utilised by virtually anyone to create and maintain sustainable gardens, in the city or country. welcomes James Shoop to the team

James Shoop, featured writer for

James lives, works, and frolics in the unbelievably infertile pine forests of Southeast Louisiana on 17 acres. He grows organic blueberries and pastured chickens for market, and spends much of the rest of his time growing (and eating!) all manner of edible plants.

Welcome James and we look forward to hearing your insights into Organic Gardening.

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Learning to grow Rabbiteye Blueberries

by: James Shoop, 20 August 2008

Rabbiteye blueberries are the perfect fruiting shrub for the South. I've never run across another fruit that was so tasty and yet so easy to grow.


by: Susan Harris, 15 Aug 2008

So how do earthworms help? First, their castings are high-test compost packed with nutrients.  And by burrowing through the soil they leave passageways for air and water, which relieves compaction and improves drainage.

Tree Planting Season

by: Pat Leuchtman, 12 Aug 2008

Fall is the second planting season of the year. After enduring a summer with insufficient shade you may be thinking of planting a tree. The first decision is to choose a tree that is suitable for your local climate.

Summer Blueberries

by: Pat Leuchtman, 7 Aug 2008

The high bush blueberry is perfectly adapted to my New England climate and acid soil. Organic gardeners know a key to success is the right plant in the right place.

Easy Care Hydrangeas

by: Susan Harris, 7 Aug 2008

Mophead hydrangeas may be beloved, old-fashioned plants but they require more water than most shrubs, so gardeners concerned about water conservation need alternatives.

Gardening Blogs

by: Susan Harris, 1 Aug 2008

Remember way back in the 1990s when blogs were either personal journals or political shoutfests? Well, blogs have come a long way since then.

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